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How are you styling your Christmas tree this year?


Christmas may seem far away, but the Christmas decorations should be out soon! The cozy lights, beautiful decorations and of course the centerpiece, the Christmas tree. Decorating a Christmas tree is very personal for everyone. Some want a classic tree, others want a tree all in white and gold and others want a brightly colored Christmas tree. Fortunately, there is something for everyone and you can style your tree the way you like it.

A tree with fake snow brings the outdoors inside and a tree with red Christmas decorations provides a nice contrast between the green of the branches and the red of the decorations. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to have a huge space to put up a beautiful Christmas tree. Style the tree the way you like and what suits your interior.

Wooden Christmas figures decorated with acrylic paint and glitter
Wooden figures for the Christmas tree is a classic, and maybe you have already decorated many wooden figures for your Christmas tree.

But with this idea, give the wooden figures an extra glitter effect that will make your tree shine. Vary the look of your decorations by mixing glitter and sequins together in matching colors.

You can sprinkle the glittery decorations directly onto the wet paint so you don’t have to use glue. When the paint is dry, you can paint the glitter-decorated item so that the glitter stays put.

Wooden baubles decorated with Sticky Base
You can also decorate wooden little Christmas tree decorations with Sticky Base, a new adhesive compound, which you can use as glue. You can add also flowers birthday as a Christmas gift, because you can use it every season in the year.

You mix your Sticky Base with the desired decorations and press the mixture directly onto your wooden figure.

For these baubles, Sticky Base is mixed with mini glass pearls in different sizes for an interesting surface. Afterwards, you can press some more of the larger glass beads into the Sticky Base, as shown on the middle bauble.

You can also paint your base first with an opaque acrylic paint and only then decorate with your Sticky Base mixture to get a nice result.