How do you make a stainless steel work of art?


{{ externalimage }} How do you make a stainless steel work of art? Stainless steel art commissions , free work   or garden statues It is challenging for an artist to carry out an art assignment. There is often a specific wish for a work of art in the garden (garden statues), entrance or as an […]

Rent a smoothiebar


In the Netherlands it is possible to rent a smoothiebar at your company. Shakes on Wheels is providing a full service high class smoothie service all through the Netherlands. And also in big parts of Germany and Belgium. We are running this bussiness since 2014 and are the #1 smoothie […]

Does mascara damage eyelashes?

I think that mascara itself won’t damage your lashes. I’ve been through almost every kind of drugstore mascara. They are a very lighting and look natural. I don’t apply mascara from the base of the lashes though. I used to until I started to realize that this is probably the reason weakened lashes and irritated […]

Why do mid-sized companies outsource IT?


In the last year in which COVID-19 has transformed the way organisations conduct their business, technology and digitalisation have emerged as the number one solution to keeping businesses running. Nowadays, IT functions are routine in every organisation, but they cannot be performed effectively without adequate specialist IT support. Access to […]

D2 Racing Sport Customisation Parts


Customizing your car is one of the best ways to make it look different and stand out from the rest of the vehicles on the highway or the parking lot. It would be best to make the difference yourself since everything is readily available in the market. Vehicle customization is […]

Vape smokers information


Some of the names of the leading organizations are listed here – DaVinci, PAX Labs, Inc., Ghost Herbal Concepts Ltd., Vapium, STORZ & BICKEL, Apollo AirVape, Grenco Science, Inc., Vape Elevate and other domestic and international players. How does this market insight help? Handheld Marijuana Vaporizers Market Share (Regional, Product, […]