Luxury Villa Costa del Sol


Luxury Villas costa del sol We have multiple luxury villas costa del sol projects situated in prime positions up and down the coast. Our stylish, contemporary villas are designed by a renowned architect and will take full advantage of the aspect of each individual plot, be it sea, golf, mountain, […]

Automatic rewinding machines for stretch

The Stretch Rewinder S-R-2000 is a fully automatic machine for the production of Stretch film, pre – stretched film. As the only company in Poland, we have developed a technology for the production of pre – stretch film Stretch cardboard cores. The Stretch Rewinder S-R-2000, which allows you to significantly […]

The best pens for you


  Pens carry an interesting history, it was originally invented in Ancient China for jade carving as the ink from the pens were used to clean the jade. They are all known as the ink fountain pens which probably doesn’t have the best connection with fountain pens at all, but […]