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Why should you purchase an AED for your company?

What is an AED?

What is an AED defibrillator? An Automated External Defibrillator is a medical device that is used to help people with cardiac arrest. The device gives a shock (electric) which tries to ensure that the heart starts pumping normally again.
During a cardiac arrest the heart is often still beating, but not as it should be, the shock tries to get the heart back into a good rhythm. Due to the shock, the muscles contract temporarily, the hope is that this will result in the resumption of heart function.

Why should you purchase an AED for your company?

An AED defibrillator is a potentially life-saving device. There are plenty of examples of companies where people with heavy physical work or stressful work die from sudden cardiac arrest. Fortunately, there are also countless positive stories from companies where a heart has been helped by the use of an AED. An AED does not have to be expensive, you already have an AED for only £899.00  ex VAT. You will receive a wall cabinet and children’s electrodes as a gift. If your employees are important to you and your company, we definitely recommend that you purchase an AED defibrillator.

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