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Things you should do the first time you are in Portugal

Portugal is a country in Southern Europe, at the Iberian Peninsula, and home to one of the most famous footballers Cristiano Ronaldo. Due to its cultural and historical importance, it is also one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, attracting hundreds of thousands of people worldwide annually.

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Best things to explore in Portugal

Here are some of the things you can (and should) do when you visit Portugal:

Go sightseeing at the Matosinhos Beach

This is a beach with a long strip of golden sand, the view of the sea is phenomenal, and the atmosphere is pretty much silent and peaceful, giving you the best experience all in one.

  • There is also a road behind this beach where you will see people cycling, usually.
  • Take a book, apply some sunscreen, and sunbathe in the beautiful atmosphere. If not that, you should at least go surfing.

Visit Oceanario de Lisboa

This place is especially focused on Marine conservation. However, you should take your family to visit this place, as the experience here would be fascinating, and frankly, quite educational.

It contains several marine organisms from all 4 of the major oceans. It will give you a closer look at how marine life is, and exploring the behaviors of these organisms would be a fun experience.

Have a walk at Cabo da Roca

It is a place full of beautiful beaches and several lighthouses, that lies on the Western coast of Portugal. Hope for a breezy (and sunny) day, and walk along the coast as you observe the culture of the people of Portugal and the beautiful nature.

You may come across several species of birds that would amaze you with their beautiful colors and captivating voice.

Spend a night at Ribeira District

It is a small town beside the coast. What makes this town special is its entertaining nightlife, and the friendly nature of the people you will meet here.

  • You can dine in some of the finest restaurants, or grab a bite by a fountain with your loved ones.
  • There is a hilarious tradition of hitting each other on the head with plastic toy hammers, every year on 23rd June.
  • If you are lucky enough to visit that place then, you should participate and join in on the fun.

Drink the finest wine at Porto Calem

This is one of the finest wineries situated in Portugal, that was established in 1856. Once you enter the place, you feel like you’ve gone back to the 19th century with all the barrels surrounding you and the old-age architecture there.

Their finest quality of good-tasting wine is provided by the Calem family for centuries, and you can see the Duoro river right behind it. Although not anymore, these barrels used to be exported to foreign countries.

Final Thoughts

Portugal is home to exotic cultures and beautiful places like Aztec. Several movies related to “treasure hunt” and “exploring dungeons” are based in Portugal, and just this is the proof of how exciting that place can be.

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