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The possibilities of high-quality interior textiles

Wholesale upholstery fabrics or interior textiles can transform the look and feel of a home or business space. Are you interested in collaboration with a professional company? Let us share everything we know about Love Home Fabrics. Their passion for interior textiles, years of experience and friendly service are just a few examples of their qualities. Did you know that all of the interior textiles, which are available for shipping worldwide, are manufactured in an eco-friendly way? That’s their way of creating a healthy environment for all. Use these beautiful interior textiles in your living space, bathroom, bedroom or kitchen and experience the benefits of interior textiles yourself! Read more below, we’ll gladly introduce you to the company.

The different brands of Love Home Fabrics

In order to design interior textiles and so much more, Love Home Fabrics has several businesses. Each and everyone of them has its specialization. Their locations have a safe shipping hub to professionalize their service. Let’s have a look at their different international companies below:

  • Artilat: latex foam products
  • Clarysse: bath and kitchen linen
  • GTA Belgium: stock-supported mattress fabrics
  • GTA Hangzhou: stock-supported fabrics and latex foams
  • GTA India: mattress and bed fabrics
  • GTA Polska: upholstery and curtain fabrics
  • GTA USA: high-quality mattress fabrics and upholstery and curtain
  • Monks International: mid-end woven and knitted bed fabrics
  • Pieters textiel: tailor-made designs, high-end knitted and woven bedding fabrics
  • Talalay Global: latex mattress cores, toppers and pillows
  • Ter Molst: interior textiles for furniture and curtains

For selling every type of interior textiles, these professional designers and manufacturers go the extra mile. Don’t hesitate to take a look at their website to get to know their vision and their products a bit better.

Ask for more information

Do you want to invest in beautiful interior textiles for every occasion? Or do you need more details about their international shipping process? You can always contact the company to get more information. They are happy to help! Phone them or send them an e-mail to get started. The correct phone number and email address is available on the website of the company.