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Library Solutions

High Tech
It might be surprising that in recent years libraries have gone high tech. Why is this, what was wrong with libraries before? I remember going to a Library some time ago and it was a bit of a disappointing experience. It was difficult
to find what I was looking for and there was a queue for the desk to check the book out. Libraries were fine, nothing like the calming silence to focus the mind. The systems that they were using, however, did not allow them to be very organized.

How can Technology Help?
A library contains a huge number of items that need organization and monitoring. They are constantly being moved in the library as they are being utilized. They are also being taken out of the library and being returned. If we go to a shop, we will find security tags on items to ensure that they are secure and controlled. An adaption of this technology is available to create efficient Library solutions

Library Solutions
A system that discreetly tags items in a library together with registration of users allows complete control over the inventory. A sophisticated software system permits effective library solutions. 

• Security. With each item identified and users being identified, it is possible to see exactly where each item is. As in a shop, it is possible to monitor unauthorized removal from the building. 

• Staff Solutions. The system allows staff to control all aspects of the inventory efficiently and quickly. 

• Self Service. By utilizing scanning equipment for inventory and library members, it is possible for self-service facilities to be utilized. It is also possible to have a drop off facility to permit members to drop off inventory out of opening hours.

Companies are available that are able to offer complete one-stop library solutions that can be incorporated in any library whether it be public, university or corporate.