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How to make a quick and easy dinner

Cooking dinner everyday is a struggle for many people. What are you cooking now? And maybe you don’t feel like cooking extensively. When that is the case, you want to prepare a quick and easy meal. In this article we will give you some tips about how to make a nice quick dinner.


A quick and easy meal doesn’t have to be unhealthy, you can prepare lots of easy dishes that are really healthy and quick to make. In this article we therefore only discuss easy and healthy dishes.


Well, pizza doesn’t sound like the most healthy of dishes to eat. Pizza can actually be pretty healthy, if you prepare it right. After all, the Italian pizza base contains almost no calories. The topping however, is what really needs your attention. Best is to make your own tomato sauce. That way you know exactly what has gone into the sauce and you can decide how much salt you put into the sauce for yourself. When you choose the topping for the pizza, make sure that you choose enough vegetables. You can even choose not to use meat at all. With enough vegetables, you will definitely have a healthy pizza.


Soup might not be the most classy dish, but it is really delicious and quickly made. Make a well-filled soup with various vegetables. For example you can cook a nice pumpkin and carrot soup, or you can make a courgette soup. Make sure the soup is filled with vegetables so that it really is healthy. Serve the soup with some nice roasted bread, or with a tasty garlic bread on the side.


Pasta is really easy to make and there are a lot of ways to vary. Try to make a nice pasta pesto with courgette, union, paprika and rucola, or make a creamy pasta with vegetable leftovers out of your fridge. Pasta combines great with almost everything and that means that it is really easy to make a dish out of it. 


Last but not least is the salad. Easy to make and the perfect dish for a hot summer evening. Make sure that you don’t just put in some lettuce and tomatoes, but be a bit more creative. For example, use some roasted paprika or eggplant and put in some apple pieces or cabbage. That way you can easily create a tasty salad.