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How to crowdfunding


September 26, 2021 Crowdfunding campaign via email marketing Hello, this is the online solution team, thank you for joining us. Today we will answer. Why do I need to market my crowdfunding campaign? How can I use email marketing to attract potential supporters? How to plan an effective email marketing campaign? Suppose you have a crowdfunding campaign that is ready and ready to start. How did you get this word out? This is not as easy as you think. Thousands of campaigns have been held on crowdfunding sites, all of which are competing for potential supporters. Even if you have a great idea or product, it takes a lot of work to attract attention. Wait, why didn’t you put a project on the crowdfunding website in the first place to attract supporters? Yes, but the fact is that in today’s world, even Edison’s “bulb” idea can benefit from a smart marketing plan.


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How to crowdfunding

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