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Buy PTFE tubes

PTFE tubes, you see them more and more. Not only in the industrial environment, but sometimes also at your home. The 3d printer is also equipped with it, for example. The PTFE tube is used for many applications due to a wide variety of applications. What makes the PTFE tube so special? You read it all in this article!


First of all, what exactly is PTFE

PTFE is the chemical abbreviation for polytetrafluoroethylene. Polytetrafluoroethylene is made up of 2 basic elements, namely fluorine and carbon. These together form a synthetic polymer. Probably the name Teflon tells you a bit more. In fact, Teflon is also PTFE, but its creators have chosen to attach a brand name to it called Teflon.

Ever heard of the Tefal pan? The name Tefal is a combination of Teflon and Aluminum. TEF (Teflon) and AL (Aluminum). TEF + AL = TEFAL.

Roy Plunkett, from DuPont, discovered Teflon in 1938. Since then we have been using this beautiful product without our noticing it.



What are the characteristics of Teflon or PTFE

Teflon or PTFE is widely used, which is partly due to the many properties that this material entails. PTFE is also used in PTFE tubes, creating many applications.

PTFE has a huge temperature range. PTFE can be easily exposed to 190 degrees Celsius below zero (-310 deg F), and 327 degrees Celsius (620 deg F) above zero.

PTFE is also resistant to harmful and corrosive liquids and gases. The material is not affected by acetic acid (80% / BP), acetone (+20 degrees Celsius), acetylene, oxygen, alum (10% / 20 degrees Celsius), aluminum chloride, ammonium chloride (50% / 20 degrees Celsius) , benzene, butane, butyl, calcium sulfate, chlorosulfonic acid, diesel oil, ethanol, ethylene, formic acid, glycerine, 100% hydrochloric acid at 20 degrees Celsius, hydrogen, oleic acid, sulfur dioxide and more than a hundred other chemicals. So a very versatile product.

Flexibility is of course also very important, especially with a tube. That is why PTFE is processed in a hose, in order to transport chemicals and gases.

As you may have read at the beginning, PTFE tubes are also used with 3d printers, for feeding filament. The application possibilities are therefore endless!



Where can you buy PTFE tubes

It is best to buy a PTFE tube online. The local hardware store does not sell this. When you go shopping online, we recommend that you first check Here you can buy PTFE tubes online in various lengths and diameters. From small to large, and from short to long. Ordering is very easy, and the products are delivered quickly and worldwide.