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Automatic rewinding machines for stretch

The Stretch Rewinder S-R-2000 is a fully automatic machine for the production of Stretch film, pre – stretched film. As the only company in Poland, we have developed a technology for the production of pre – stretch film Stretch cardboard cores. The Stretch Rewinder S-R-2000, which allows you to significantly reduce costs and optimize the entire process of packaging materials used, due to the possibility of using thin and light cores Stretch for films.


Description Stretch Rewinder Stretch reelers Stretch from ENGINEERING CC they are made on the best world machines that guarantee both reliability and efficiency . All our Stretch rewinders can be equipped with an optional system WMS / QS packing which allows further optimization of their performance byincreasing the speed Stretch. Stretch rewinder Stretch S-R-2000 has a very compact, modular design of special Stretch modules coupled stainless steel track which allows the Stretch Rewinder to be easily transported and set up at any point in time Stretch with minimum effort.

Stretch Rewind S-R-2000 Available capacities:

Capacity (m / h): 100-1200;

Rewound capacity (m / min): 600-1600;

Lacquers: 2×2 – 4;

Rewinding diameter mm: max. Ø 230 (standard); Ø 400 – 1000 on request;

The tape thickness: from 6⁄ 32 “to 5⁄ 8 “; Video Stretch: Stretch per 10 / min. Smallest radius mm Stretch Rewriter Stretch Stretch S-R-1000 Ø 300 ø 500 Stretch Rewinder Stretch Stretch MZ 1500 ø 250; max. 120 m/h

Stretch Rewind Heat Stretching S-R-2000 allows the application of a temperature to the maximum 200 ° C on the tape, which is an essential condition for effective heat treatment of materials used in Stretch film . It particularly applies to products that contain natural fibers such as wood or straw, where high temperatures are required during processing (e.g. Packing construction). The system rewinders Stretch from ENGINEERING CC equipped with this possibility can be seen in modern packing plants .

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