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Always have a double A battery pack at home

The small voltage of a double A battery makes it widely applicable in your household. The applicability does not stop with just household items such as kitchen scales or the remote control for the television. Many children’s toys also run on double A batteries, but don’t forget electronic items like the computer mouse or a flashlight either. However, the wide applicability of this type of battery also comes with a practical problem: you have to have them in stock. 100%PeakPower helps with that!

Stock up on common battery sizes

It is useful to have several kinds of common batteries in stock. Think about the double A and triple A batteries, but also a CR2032 button battery or rechargeable ones. These small sources of energy are often used in household items and toys, which may cause your stock to rapidly shrink if new batteries are needed in several items. It is therefore rather convenient that 100%PeakPower offers you broad range of different packages for the double A battery:

  • 4-pack (£2.50): £0.62 per battery
  • 20-pack (£5.99): £0.30 per battery
  • 40-pack (£8.99): £0.22 per battery

In other words: the bigger your order, the cheaper the price. This is why it is advisable to buy double A batteries in larger quantities. Not only will it save you money, but you will also always have the batteries at home in case of unforeseen circumstances. Because you will always see: all batteries are empty at the same time.

Make use of the benefits when ordering batteries

Have you decided if you wish to order a package with double A batteries other kinds of batteries, such as button batteries or a rechargeable battery? Every battery package ordered before 3pm will be delivered the next day. Another advantage of ordering your batteries at 100%PeakPower is that all orders above £15 are delivered free of charge. Did you accidentally order the wrong type of batteries? You are allowed to return your products free of charge.

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