You’ve heard that right: Pilea Peperomioides for sale!

Do you want to invest in cute, beautiful plants, like a Pilea Pepermioides, and online purchase greenery that is for sale? We’ve got you covered. Plants are hot and they’re popular as never before. They look incredibly beautiful in every garden, bedroom, kitchen or living room. They don’t just add beauty (and a jungle feel) to every room, but also raise the oxygen levels, so you can breathe better and feel better. What human being doesn’t like to breathe well? PLNTS is an online shop in which you can purchase adorable little plants, that will soon grow out to be strong, mature greenery. Are you looking for a pretty plant, such as Pilea Pepermioides, that is for sale? Take a look at PLNTS’ online jungle and find your perfect, green companion!

A plant a day keeps the doctor away

PLNTS offers a great collection of beautiful plants, accessories and plant care products. This sustainable company isn’t just a store: it is a community, created by plant lovers, for plant lovers. On their website you’ll find lots of tips & tricks and sources of inspiration on how to decorate your space with healthy green. No matter the size of your house: there’s always some space left for a little jungle corner, right? PLNTS sell many different plants in various sizes. Whether you’re looking for a tiny babyplant (which will look gorgeous on any nightstand) or a full-grown, mature plant that will take up a lot of space: your perfect plant is within reach. Are you clueless on how to raise your new born plant? Don’t panic! The PLNTS Doctor will provide you with any kind of information you’ll need to perfectly take care of your green child.


Grow your own jungle!

On the website you’ll find various plants, such as the Pilea Peperomioides, which are for sale. The plants are easy to take care of and are non-toxic, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting sick after he ate a leaf. Also, the majority of the plants love shade. Don’t keep them too close to the sunlight, they don’t like to get burnt. Have you decided yet what kind of plant you want you welcome into your home?