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Wrist Brace for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

A carpal tunnel wrist brace is quite effective for the treatment of minor to moderate cases of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). However, neglecting your CTS by neglecting it, can cause permanent median nerve damage. Carpal tunnel surgery is highly efficient in resolving the pain in the long term, but discomfort following any invasive surgery is common. A recent study discovered that more than 50% of post-op patients experienced significant pain levels in their wrist – up to three months post-surgery.

Wearing a suitable wrist brace does not require any surgical procedure. Furthermore, it is a non-invasive pain treatment solution, so you do not have to despair regarding any unfavourable side effects. A high-quality wrist support, or brace, that has medical-grade compression capabilities will relieve CTS and wrist tendonitis symptoms and will provide both pain relief and wrist stability. They also help you maintain normal, everyday activities such as grasping or picking up objects – without experiencing and major strains or movement restrictions.

Wearing a brace around your wrist reduces pressure on the median nerve by retaining your wrist in a straight or neutral position. Your doctor may even recommend wearing the wrist brace during the night to prevent your wrist from flexing or twisting while you sleep. It may also help to wear the brace during normal daytime activities that can potentially aggravate your CTS symptoms. Supporting your wrist is often the first approach to treatment when dealing with CTS.

An adequate wrist brace for CTS will provide you with proper support and will immobilise the complete joint. The natural position of one’s wrist is somewhat backward bent and at an angle of approximately thirty degrees. A good brace will allow you to maintain this normal wrist state with minimal discomfort, therefore relieving the built-up pressure from the median nerve.

Assuming they are worn correctly, a CTS wrist brace can help ease your painful symptoms. And early treatment with a splint can help reduce your risks of undergoing nerve reconstruction surgery.

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