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Will there be a turning of the tide after june first ?

The begin of the recovery of the taximarket ?

In Holland in about one weeks time its finally permitted for the catering-industry to re-open in a limited way, but stil open. A total amount of 30 visitors maximum with the personel included may be allowed inside the establishment. The re-opening of the catering-industry ushers in a new period where a subtle rise of work is expected for taxidrivers. If this forcast comes into practise is yet tob e seen. But after 3 months of lockdown a lot of people are desperate to get out of the house and visit a cafe, the movies or a restaurant.

A final rehearsal

The re-opening of the catering-industry goes hand in hand with the new 1,5 m regulations. These regulations have to guide the upcoming traffic of visitors in a orderly fashion. The municipality of the city of breda has decided to make a final rehearsal before the re-opening of the catering industry on june first, so that they can test if the precautions that have been made by the catering-industry are going to work in practise. This rehearsal is set to begin on the 25th of may. A monday was deliberately chosen so that the number of visitors to the inner city is manageble. This Monday valuable lessons can be learned to be taken into account by the time the catering-industry really re-opens on june first. Next to that the reaction of the public to the new regulations of the different establishements will be awaited by all. It is to be seen if the public at large is going to take its responsibility in respecting the new corona regulations.

Enforcement and supervision

The rehearsal day is going to be held in close cooperation with the police. They will have an important role in enforcing the new regulations if necessary. If the so called hot spots are being formed by the public law enforcement must act quick and firmly. If the police are going to hold a 0 tolerence policy is yet to be seen. The local amphia hospital has also said it would lend its cooperation with the rehearsal day. There task is to supervise any rise in new corona-cases.

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