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Tips for reducing trash

It is a much debated topic these days: the pollution of the environment by waste. Many organizations are therefore committed to more sustainable business and individuals are also committed to reducing the amount of waste. But how exactly can we do this? After all, waste is inevitable. We would like to give you a few tips on this in this article!


Use a reusable bottle or cup

When we are on the road we often buy a bottle of water or juice. All these bottles are made of plastic. The disadvantage of this is that it is not reusable, so people throw it away when it’s empty. This is a waste! Therefore invest in a reusable bottle or cup instead. You can re-use it every time and just clean and wash it at home. This is much better for the environment as opposed to all plastic bottles!


Consider packaging

Most of the products we buy are wrapped in plastic. This also produces a lot of waste. Therefore, try to see if you can buy products that are not wrapped in plastic or are wrapped in paper and cardboard. This is less harmful to the environment and these materials can easily be recycled. You can also buy fruit and vegetables at the market, where you can take them with you without any wrappers or plastic.


Separating and composting waste

Another way to produce less trash is to separate your waste. Therefore, buy a separate garbage can for each type of waste. This means that paper is separated, food, and plastic. You can also invest in composting your waste! Think about vegetables, egg shells, coffee grounds, grass clippings and leaves. You can easily compost this trash in special bins in your garden. It will provide you with a beneficial return!


Smart Waste Management

Since the increasingly large amount of trash and litter, there has to be a way to control this. That’s why the initiative of Smart Waste Management is being developed! This is a good solution for all the garbage and is characterized by the usage of technology to make managing waste more efficient. In garbage bins for example, special chips are being places. These chips are linked to a software system and give a notification when the garbage bins are full. This way, people don’t throw their waste on the streets when the bins are full, because the garbage bins are emptied in time.

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