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These 3 personalised gifts are the best gifts

These 3 personalised gifts are the best gifts

Finding a good gift for someone close to you is and remains a difficult job. Because what do you give someone who already has everything? You want to come up with something original, but before you know it, you’re buying the umpteenth time a new pair of socks, a watch or perfume.  All nice presents but it gets a bit boring. Are you looking for a gift that is not so standard? Then read on! In this blog article we will give you a number of original options. 

The best way to arrive at home

Perhaps the nicest personalised gift you can give someone is a personalised doormat. Especially when you buy a housewarming gift this is a real classic. You can have all kinds of texts put on the doormat so that you can surprise your friend with a funny remark, a sweet message or for example just the names of the people who live there. Every time your friends or family come home, they will be reminded of your nice gift and it is anything but ordinary.

Personalised water bottle

Drinking water is extremely important, but when we are on the road a lot it can be difficult to get enough of it. A good solution is to take a water bottle with you on the road. So give someone a personalised water bottle as an original gift! The advantage of this is that he or she is less likely to lose the bottle and it is an original, practical and desirable gift.

A great reminder

On average, we pick up our phone about 5 times a day. It is therefore very important that we protect our phones properly. Especially for the clumsier people it is very wise to protect the phone properly. These days, you can also opt for a personalised phone case. The personalised cases are also very nice to give as a gift. You can have a personal message printed on a phone case or, for example, choose a photo of a beautiful memory together. This way, someone will carry your message with them every day and the person you give this gift to will often be reminded of you and the bond you have together.