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The new throw away society

Over the past years, products are offered cheaper and cheaper. This results in the fact that a lot of people buy something new immediately when they need it. Without looking to options for if they can repair the old product. A couch with a large stain in it or broken shoes can be fixed easily most of the time. You only need to take the effort to do it. This is a lot better for the environment then buying new stuff endlessly. Because of the fact that everyone keeps buying new stuff, the work environment for the workers in China and India keeps getting worse and climate change is getting a larger problem every year.


Besides climate change is it also very nice to give a new life to a piece of clothing or your old couch. By using shoe paint, you can give a second life to your clothes and your furniture. This can make sur that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on buying new stuff. This is a very positive fact because you don’t have to buy new stuff that has a reasonable quality.


You could for instance buy angelus suede dye. This kind of paint is multifunctional. It can be used on shoes, furniture and clothing. This is a way to be able to paint your black leather couch, your black leather boots and your black leather jacket. This is very important to your own wallet and to the employers of factories in China and India. The employers of the factories in China and India will get a better working environment if the European customers would demand that the working environment should improve. Inhabitants of Holland would possibly want to pay more money for clothes that are produced by employers with better working arrangements.  

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