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The best in gold nanoparticles

Are you in need of the very best in gold nanoparticles, or gold sols, you would to well to reach out to Aurion. These experts from Wageningen, the Netherlands, are your partner in gold nanoparticles and immunogold silver staining. The carboxyl functionalized gold nanoparticles are specifically developed to allow gold nanoparticles to conjugate to molecules. The molecules that you conjugate can not be conjugated without this specific type of adsorption method. When working with small ligands and the conjugation of such, this product is an excellent choice for your business. When working in the scientific field, you obviously require the very best and reliable products available. That is where the experts from Aurion come in.

The very best in gold sols for your practices

Gold nanoparticles, otherwise known as gold sols, are equipped to deal with unique production processes. As they are polyethylene glycol-carboxyl stabilized, you are the correct product for you. With sizes of 6, 10, 15 and 25nm they are always a good fit. These products are made by Aurion themselves through their in-house development process. The protocols that this company uses allow for stable and trustworthy products for your business.

Excellent immunogold silver staining for your scientific business

Does your company require excellent silver staining that is immunogold? Reach out to the experts of Aurion in Wageningen in the Netherlands. These experienced people have what it takes when it comes to the very best in immunogold silver staining. With the immunogold silver staining by this company your scientific processes and methods are safe. This quality, of course, extends to the rest of the offerings they do. Whether they be gold sols, or gold nanoparticles, or immunogold silver staining, when doing business with this company, you will only get the very best. Improve your process by going for the very best this business has to offer.

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