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Supply chain in the future: what is changing?

Supply chain has been around for quit some time. It has helped companies make great steps in logistics and also with all the technology that has been evolving around it. But what is supply chain and how will supply chain look in the future in different industries? The easiest way to explain supply chain is that this is a network between a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute a specific product to the final buyer. In supply chain we look at all the steps in between to see if any issues occur and how we can prevent these issues in the future. Let’s see what’s changing. 

Supply chain and technology 

Global supply chain solutions are changing. With technology changing and getting bigger day by day we see that this is making some changes in the supply chain world. The expectations are that there will be more and more robotic goods to person system. These will be placed not only in warehouses but even to consumers in person. Think about how a package is being delivered to your house. Big companies like Amazon are looking at a more efficient way to deliver packages in the future. How that looks? Drones that deliver your package at your door. Sounds a bit weird still right? 

Sustainability is a priority 

In politics we see lots of politicians discuss how sustainability must become a priority to companies and people. There’s a big climate change going on and we need to work on this. All of us. Therefore we are seeing that big companies are taking a look towards a more sustainable supply chain. How can you still work in an efficient way and becoming sustainable? With the right research a lot is possible. 

Companies are becoming more transparent

Transparency is becoming very important. With technology growing people feel a bit dissociated from the world at times. Also when ordering something online and waiting for it to be delivered. In supply chain we see that companies are trying to invest in more real time transportation. We can already see this difference. At lots of companies it’s now possible to see where your package is at the moment and sometimes you can even talk with the deliverer. 

So, a lot is changing and luckily we are seeing that companies are trying to change for the better. Let’s see what’s next!

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