Eine moderne Behandlungseinheit verleiht dem Zahnarzt die gewünschte Flexibilität

In der heutigen Zeit ist Flexibilität ein sehr wichtiges Merkmal und zwar in praktisch jeder Hinsicht. Dieser Anspruch gilt auch für die Behandlungseinheit, die ein Zahnarzt einsetzt. Zuerst einmal sollte eine Behandlungseinheit in dem Sinne flexibel sein, dass ihre Aufstellung keinen großen Aufwand erfordert. Man möchte dafür keine Leitungen mehr […]

The best attractions to visit by car in Fuerteventura

Among all the Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has the most amazing beaches, endless sand dunes and a relaxing atmosphere that will make you want to come back several times. Fuerteventura has a very relaxed and bohemian atmosphere. Its heavenly beaches attract surfers and other wave lovers from all over the world. […]

Library Solutions

High TechIt might be surprising that in recent years libraries have gone high tech. Why is this, what was wrong with libraries before? I remember going to a Library some time ago and it was a bit of a disappointing experience. It was difficultto find what I was looking for and there […]

Acting on behalf of the Dutch BV in formation

During the Dutch company formation process some agreements can be signed by a BV i.o., a Dutch limited liability company in formation. When acting for a BV in formation, a number of specific regulations apply. In this article there will be a look into detail to the BV i.o. Taken […]


Irrigation is a practice that came to life millenia ago. It made agriculture possible in inhospitable areas and jumpstarted many desert-bound societies. Irrigation is still used today in many fashions, all over the world. Although irrigation originally used to mean artificially bringing water to a patch of land for agricultural […]