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Nice oilcloth for your table

Hi, my name is Linda and I’m from Holland. I would like to introduce our website in oilcloth. For sure you people in the UK have many shops with oilcloth too. But if you are looking for more fancy patterns, then you should visit our website and you will find the most impressive patterns you ever saw.

Im working for now for 2 years and during that time I saw many, many different patterns come and go. They come and go because they are made for that moment. It is inspired on the fashion from that moment. At this moment the abstract patterns are very populair. We got them in many styles and many colors. Also table cloth with green leafs, the botanical garden is very hot.

In stead of table cloth, we say tafelkleed or tafelzeil in Dutch. Tafelkleed is ussualy made from linen of cotton. Oilcloth is made from pvc. Tafelzeil has a plastic layer which you can easily clean. Its perfect to use when you have young children. It protects your table in many ways. Not only when they eat or drink, but also when they play. The oilcloth protects the table from scratches and other harm.

By Hip tafelzeil people can chose from about 300 different oilcloths. As not every table has the same size, people are able to chose their size in a menu. My colleques cut the table cloth by knife in the right sizes. So it always fits. Some people also use the oilcloths for outside in their garden or balcony. That makes it more fancy. I would like to warn you for the strong son. The sun will fade colors and believe me, it goes faster then we want. So if you realy want to upgrade your table garden with a nice table textile? Then put your table in a shadow place and avoid sunlight.