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Madden NFL 21: Second Title Update For November

With the second title update of November, EA proves once again that they want to give the community, the best game possible. The Madden NFL 21 development team is still following its update schedule. This second update of the month follows the same pattern as its predecessors with gameplay tuning and new features here and there. So what is new in Madden NFL 21’s second November update?

Let us start this article with the gameplay updates. Offensive players will no longer breakout from the handoff and run along with the QB during the Gun Flex Y Off Mtn Counterplay. The ball will no longer warp during certain HB toss plays. Some abilities that relied on the distance to trigger will now consider pass-leading as a triggering condition. The patch has also fixed some issues that occurred during some specific game phases. The user-controlled defenders are now able to hit stick a ball carrier just after a Block-Shed.

Next are the Playbook updates. Blocking has been improved in several instances such as during the following plays: Inside Zone Split, RPO Read WR Screen, PA Jet Sweep, and RPO Peek. There was an issue where a blocker would miss an Edge Pass Rusher; Improving Left Tackle blocking on Pass plays in certain formations has fixed it. The pathing issues that occurred during certain plays and caused collision and alignment bugs have been fixed. Overall, the Playbook will have fewer logic issues.

This update has introduced the first major franchise update for Madden NFL 21. This update came with new features and improvements such as Dev Trait Regressions, X-Factor Customization, Playoff Bracket, Career Stats, and Retirement Improvements. We will discuss the franchise update in a separate article. November title update came as usual with stability and performance improvements. Moreover, players will no longer be sent back to the ‘’Things to Do’’ tab after they exit from another screen.

The title update will also add a new feature to the Yard mode, allowing you to play against your friends. That feature is calledYard Play-A-Friend and the matches you play will not count for your progression. Superstar KO’s new Endless run mode has benefited from stability and UI improvements. Finally, the users can turn the Passing and Kicking Feedback-Text on and of in the menu. Glad to see there’s nothing new about the Madden 21 coins, which is the most profitable function of the NFL series.


(Contributed by mezaoyabin; Edited by Hermes_Fang)

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