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Leather material

Leather is a great material to work with. It is made from animal rawhides and skins. The most used raw material is cattle hide. It is used to make a lot of stuff. Benches, chairs, shoes, boots and bags. Centuries ago they found out that leather is a perfect material to work with. The oldest discovery of objects made of leather date from 2200 BC. And today we still use it. The advantage of the fine material is that it does not start to stink quickly, lasts for a long time and is bendable. Perfect material for making clothes and furniture!

These days it such a good material that there is only one downside. Sometimes it takes so long that many products made from leather become out of fashion after a number of years. Especially thing like boots or other clothes made from leather become out of fashion. With the furniture made of leather it often takes a few years longer, but even these items sometimes get out of fashion after a while. It is often a shame to throw these things away or sell them. The material is not cheap and often it can last longer. But fortunately we no longer live in the year 2200 BC and there is now a solution to ensure that your bank, bag or shoes can last longer. Because now there is angelus leather paint. With this stuff you can give your leather stuff a new life. On the online web shop of you can find all the right stuff you need to give your leather object a new boost. They have all kind of dyes for your leather stuff, like leather shoe dye.

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