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How to Get Instagram Followers: The First 1000

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A large number of bots or non-targeted followers is just a figure pleasing the ego, NOT bringing customers, and Instagram is also reducing reach.

Let’s start with simple and understandable actions that will not only help get the first followers on Instagram, but also regularly increase the audience.

Tip 1: use your contacts

When you create an account, go to the settings (the “hamburger” icon in the top right corner, then at the very bottom right – the “Settings” device), in the “For subscriptions” section. There you will see the “Contacts” section and the individual social networks you have connected to.

Instagram counts all your contacts, Facebook friends, etc. You just need to click “Subscribe to everyone” in each section. Just a few clicks and you will be subscribed to all the friends you know. They will in turn be notified and can follow you.

Note: Your audience through your contacts and social media plays a key role in this technique. If you know that there are not that many target groups among your acquaintances for this specific project, it is better to register manually and not by clicking the “Subscribe to everyone” button.

Tip 2: link to other social networks

For a personal account, linking to a personal page on Facebook works well. You can get followers on Instagram from an active link in the description.

link to Instagram in Facebook profile

Go to the “Information” section, then “Basic and Contact Information”. Add the link to your Instagram account. It is enough to select Instagram from the list of social networks and indicate only the login (without @).

Tip 3: Connect Instagram with your Facebook business profile

By default, you cannot add an Instagram tab on Facebook. But if you use a separate application like InstaTab, you can add not only a link, but an entire section of posts from Instagram.

So you can create systems to attract subscribers to Instagram via your Facebook page. Everything looks quite organic and attractive.

Tip 4: links where there is contact with the public

We’ve already talked about social networks, but there are still several “hotspots”. In business and personal mail, you can link to your account in the signature for letters. Don’t forget the link on the website of course. If Instagram is critical, you can even display a block of the latest posts to engage and motivate users to follow.

Tip 5: tell the world about yourself

It’s too early for the whole world, of course, but it’s easy for its customers. Send your newsletter by mail or messenger to let customers know you now have Instagram.

But you have to get followers, not annoy customers. Therefore, immediately in the message think about a benefit, bonus, something interesting. For example, write that Instagram will now have original product collections, special offers, and in general an additional 5% discount for page subscribers.

Tip 6: Friends and friends of friends – good PR

Look at your friends’ accounts, write down anyone who has more than 1000 subscribers. Write them with the request to recommend your page. The important thing is not just to flag a profile, but to urge the audience to “Subscribe – get such cool, interesting stuff.”

If your friends don’t have an audience, find similar pages (not direct competitors, but related areas). For example, you are involved in children’s photography, you may be recommended by a brand that makes toys for children, organizes children’s parties or a profile of a local “development aid” for toddlers.

It’s a little easier with a personal brand, people are more willing to trust other people, and looking at someone else’s life is still fun. But here you should not be under the illusion that every profile is right for you for mutual advertising. Be especially careful about what you post on your profile, so as not to scare the audience off with an abundance of ads at first.

Tip 7: motivate people to talk about you

The coolest question is how to get Instagram followers without doing anything. For example, make sure that your subscribers share your profile themselves and encourage friends to subscribe. There are several ways.

Your competition

Simple, uncomplicated, proven social media mechanism. It is necessary that the participant is subscribed to your page, placed a publication in their profile with a marking of your account. Then you play a gift.

Note: play your product or service. If you opt for an abstract gift (you have children’s toys and are playing with an iPhone), everyone will participate, not just the target group.

Think of a cool feature that will surprise your customers. It has to be something nice, interesting, funny, so that people want to tell about it themselves. For example, you can add a gift to every order or add a handwritten greeting card to your package.

User Content

Post photos and messages from customers on your profile. For example, a customer sent you a photo of how he found the received bag, thank you for the delivery. You post with this photo, tag the user. What’s he doing? He likes the attention (everyone likes it!), Makes a repost for himself or duplicates a photo himself and marks your profile.

Tip 8: paid promotion

Instagram likes advertisers a lot. This is why the reach is falling and the demands are increasing to really attract subscribers. This makes sense – after all, the social network makes money from it. Use targeted ads, promote the best, most important messages within the social network.

A quick but risky way to get subscribers is Giveaway.

This is the same match, mostly with opinion leaders, boogers, celebrities. It often includes an abstract, universal gift and you are the sponsor. In return, pay money for entry – the terms of the contest require users to subscribe to 10-50 accounts, including yours.

This option is only suitable if the influencer audience is most suitable for you. A way that is fast enough to get 1000, 5000 and even 10,000 subscribers. But think about the public and the fact that 20-35% of people can unsubscribe after the draw. Your job is to keep as many people as possible, even if they initially signed up only because of the competition.

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