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Forwarding and shipping services: what can you expect?

Importing and exporting products can often involve a lot of carriers, legalities, and requirements. When you’re unknown with these requirements it is possible that mistakes can take place. We therefore wrote an article about forwarding and shipping, and everything that comes with it.


There are a lot of full service logistics organizations specialized in sea, air, rail, road and multimodal transport. Meaning that you can let the specialists doing their job, while you can fully focus on your customers’ core business. There organizations will help you with the complicated paperwork, the tax and customs issues, negotiations, transport prices, storage prices and everything else.


Road transport


When you think about forwarding and shipping, you probably think about road transport. So, if you would like to have a partner who can assist in making informed choices about the transport of your shipment, you are in need of a specialized partner. Transport services contain door to door service, customs procedures, courier services, FTL groupages, bonded warehouses, and so on.


Air freight


Another forwarding and shipping possibility is air freight. When talking to an air freight partner, you can expect integrated logistics solutions about client-specific air freight services. The benefit of using this kind of partner is that they probably have a lot of business arrangements with airlines all over the world and can therefore accommodate the most specific air freight needs. These partnerships often include a security screening on location, dangerous and chemical goods handling, tailor made solutions and many more.


Rail transport


When searching for a more sustainable way of transporting large volumes, rail transport might be the ideal situation. Rail transport is known as a very quick, cost efficient and reliable mode of transport. And it also is very interesting for European countries, because many European destinations can be reached in a day. For those who didn’t know: more and more businesses choose rail freight between Europe and China. This innovative and reliable solution is perfect for transporting your goods.

So if you are searching for ways to transport your products to Europe or all over the world, it is definitely recommended to use a forwarding and shipping partner in this process. In thay way you will save a lot of money, and you can be sure that everything is arranged in the way it is supposed to be. No surprises and high prices, but exactly what you need.

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