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Different ways for destroying your Hard-Drives

Hard drive destruction is vital for anyone or any firm that needs to get rid of their data securely. It is crucial to make sure you professionally destroy your data to avoid any liabilities in the future. This has many advantages, such as safeguarding your vital details and avoiding any confidential information leak.

Professional Services

You can choose hard drive destruction services depending on the number of hard drive devices you wish to destroy. For better assistance, it is better to select firms that specialize in destruction services. This is critical mostly because they know all the ins and outs of storage devices. There are different ways of destroying hard drives. This can be done by shearing and crushing, among other methods. You can either hire someone to do it if it is commercial or take the DIY route.


This way of destroying hard drives is by slicing the devices. Using a machine with almost 40,000 lbs, the hard drives are sliced into tiny bits. It eliminates all the working mechanisms, the electronic components, and the platters to ensure the data is not recoverable in any way.


Crushing is another method that punches holes into hard drives to destroy all the device components. The hole punched with a force of about 7,500 lbs is irreplaceable. It ensures all the retrievable information is destroyed.


You can drill your hard drive using an s power drill or a drill press to destroy it. It is essential to know that this process can be very noisy and tiresome. The pieces can fly everywhere, which can be dangerous to you or anywhere around.

DIY Destruction

If you have the time, you don’t necessarily have to seek professional service to destroy your hard drive. You can do this by yourself by making sure you destroy the platter, a magnetic disk located inside the hard drive. You can locate the platter by first removing it from your computer and strike the outer shell until it opens. Try pulling out the silver plate disk by manoeuvring around it. Scratch and dent the platter using a hammer or anything sharp to destroy the hard drive. You can also try setting the whole hard drive on fire or magnetizing the hard drive. But the best way is to smash it with a hammer into bits as much as you can. This can save you money and time if you only have a few hard drives to destroy.


Safety is essential when destroying your hard drives. If you are doing it the DIY way, always wear protective devices such as safety goggles and gloves to avoid injuries. Sensitive materials from the hard drive could be hazardous, and materials such as drill bits can go flying is not done right.


After destroying your hard drives, whether it is by yourself or from a service, it is essential to consider recycling the parts. You can turn the remaining components to an electronics recycling centre, which doesn’t have any costs associated with it most of the time. Recycling has many benefits since it reduces environmental hazards anywhere you may be located.