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Difference between Electric Winch and Electric Hoist

Key Difference between Electric Winch and Electric Hoist

Winch, including manual hand winch and electric winch, is a light and small lifting device that winds a steel cable with a reel to lift or pull heavy objects. It can raise the weight horizontally or pull the weight vertically. Today, the electric hoist is the most common and widely used. It can be used alone or as a part of machinery such as lifting, road construction, and mine lifting. It is widely used because of its simple operation, large rope wrapping, and easy movement. Commonly used in industrial and mining, metallurgy, lifting, construction, chemical industry, road and bridges, hydropower installation, Electric includes winch, construction winch, micro winch, main products are: JM electronically controlled slow large tonnage winch, JM electronically controlled slow winch, JK electronically controlled high-speed winch, JKL manual quick sliding winch 2JKL manual dual quick The hoisting machine, manual electric hoist with electric control, the JT speed hoist, etc. can only be used on the ground, and can be adapted for on-board use. It is powered by an electric motor with an adjustable clutch, a three-stage enclosed gear reducer, a jaw-type clutch, and an electromagnetic brake. The product has high versatility, compact structure, small size, lightweight, significant weight, easy use, and transfer, and is widely used in construction, hydraulic engineering, forestry, mining, docks, and other materials lifting or flat towing, and can also be used for modern electronic control—auxiliary equipment for an automatic line.

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The main difference between the electric winch and electric hoist:

Operating mode: The electric hoist can be translated left and right, and the winch can only be used fixed.
Operating speed: the essential hoisting speed of the general wire rope is 8M/min, and the slow pace of the winch is also 10 meters in general. This is determined based on the weight and the model.
Lift height: the electric wire rope lifting is generally 6M, 9M. 12M, etc. It is not convenient to install a wire rope. Since you are installing a wire rope, the volume of the whole hoist changes. While for an electric winch, you only need to look at its capacity, usually 100M accessories
The electric hoist is small in size, the hoist is bulky, the electric hoist is installed with the I-beam, and the electric winch can be fixed.
An electric hoist can only be used for lifting. In addition to lifting, the electric winch can also be used for traction.
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