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Commercial photographer Scotland


For advertising photography and so called staged photography, STUDIOVHF is the point of call. With the move of photographer Vincent Hartman to Scotland, STUDIOVHF now has a location in Scotland in addition to the Dutch one. Commercial photographer Scotland works for advertising agencies, marketing firms and marketing communication departments of both private and public companies. 

In advertising photography the image is key to the marketing message. It needs to attract the attention of the viewer, keep them and get the message accross. All this in a split second! Without the image the text will not be read, URL will not be seen and no action will take place. 

Often the art-director of the advertising company will make a mood board to brief the photographer. Based on this, the art-rirector and photographer will get as form a team together with models and stylists. Also a location will be found matching the atmosphere and image of the brand.

Interior photography Scotland

Another specialism of STUDIOVHF Scotland is the photography of commercial interiors. For architects, interior designers, fit-out companies and suppliers of the construction industry, the photographers of STUDIOVHF photograph interiors of offices, retail, public buildings and the hospitality industry.

(New interior and office furniture by Amos Beech )

The funny thing with interior photography is that most viewers that have no special interest in interiors will only notice an interior image if it is of bad quality. A similar thing to the products from one of the clients of Vincent Hartman. The company Incognito Heat Co, based in Falkirk Scotland, supplies underfloor heating systems with the strapline: “the beauty of it is that you don’t see it”! Also a challenge for a photographer. A professional interior photograph will display the interior very realistically. That the photographer needs special skills and equipment to achieve that is often not considered (and also not important for the viewer). Interior photography can be very challenging indeed. High contrast, different colour spectrum of the verious light sources, diverging lines, all things to be considered by the professional interior photographer.

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