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Cleansing with enema

Cleansing with enema

An enema is the cleansing of intestines through the anus. Via a special squeeze bottle or a bag with a tube attached, a liquid is introduced through the anus into the rectum. An enema can be used to clean the intestines for multiple reasons. The most common reasons of applying an enema are in case of a blockage, to cleanse before an operation, or to enable going to the toilet in a controlled manner. Cleaning with an enema kit should always happen on doctors advise. It’s not recommended to start cleansing yourself. A doctor can give you a clear indication of the problem and describe the correct procedure for your condition.


The enema procedure is not painful and most of the times it’s very effective. Normally water is injected into the rectal area, but for health reason or the Garson Therapy, also herb or coffee enemas are used for detoxing. You can find more information about these treatments online. We would not recommend experimenting with this type of treatments yourself, and if doing so, not to apply often.


How does a general enema procedure look like?

The first step is to go to the toilet and to attach the bucket with liquor to the hose. If there’s air remaining in the hose, you need to clear this out by activating the valve. Attach the bucket with liquor around 1 meter height in comparison to your anus. Note not to attach too high as the pressure will increase if you do so. It’s best to start of gentle. Lay down on your side and apply the cannula (you can apply some lubrication the cannulate) and open the valve. The water will start to flow.  


What are tips for purchasing an enema kit

This depends on the frequency of use. If you expect to perform enema cleansings on regular basis because you have for instance have a constipation issue and your doctor suggested to buy your own kit to clean multiple times, we would recommend a solid enema kit. Meaning you have stainless steel bucket and interchangeable and cleanable tips. If you expect to use the enema kit only for once, you can get along with a basic enema kit. The costs are not very high and the basis quality will do the trick. We would not recommend taking a basic kit for re-use from a hygienic point of view.

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