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Message of the universe

Message of the universe

“How beautiful? So beautiful that even your times of sadness, fear, frustration, anger, confusion and loneliness will be missed. Dear, seriously missed. But you will smile when you find them again as carefully placed jewels in your compassion. And you you will laugh when the veils of time fall away and reveal that every moment of your life is still unfolding. And you will cry when you discover how beautiful everything really is. Oh the places where we will go, the Universe “

You cannot achieve greatness without experiencing a tough battle. More difficult they are, great success will manifest. Even when faced with difficult challenges, this means that the Universe considers your abilities to overcome these challenges, and therefore will find a way that you can make the world great. In times of stress and struggle, you don’t feel that life is fair, or what have you done to earn everything that happens. Are you trying to remember the quality of your thoughts, were they not negative in any way? You go back and see if you have harmed someone, and karma will pay you a small visit. Whatever happens, it’s in the past and should stay there. The only thing you can do is change the things you did wrong for the things you can do differently. It is never too late to redeem yourself and look for the best way to improve yourself along the way. This is how you become a great person.

Be thankful

It is when you experience hell that you can appreciate heaven and be thankful for the little things that life has to offer. I agree that it may not be what you really dream of, but it is a start. You want to thank the universe every day for what you get every day. Every dollar you get today is a dollar you didn’t have yesterday. It may not be that important to you, but we all know that 1 is better than 0. So keep moving forward, stay positive, keep dreaming and strive for the best you can be. If you have dreams of wealth and abundance, keep focusing on them and constantly face the challenges you face, never give up. You wouldn’t want to regret anything when it’s time to meet your maker. This would not be a life worth living.