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Affordable relationship therapy available

Affordable relationship therapy

Before the lockdowns, you were spending a minimum of 2500€ on an average EFT couples therapy. By making a virtue of necessity, Your Love has ensured that you can follow how to solve relationship problem. This is possible for a very pleasant amount of € 125, – which gives you one year access to the online platform to use the DIY couples therapy.
A traditional therapy for that you have to go to the therapist. The tricky part is often that you have to be able to attend as both partners at the same time. With work and finding a babysitter this is often difficult to combine, because most therapists do not work on weekends. In addition, you must have a car or public transport, because the average therapist does not come to your home. They want to talk to you outside your familiar environment. This is quite apart from the environmental issue.

By following couples therapy at home you can go through the steps at your own pace. In total there are 13 steps in which you get the opportunity to recognize, acknowledge and break through patterns. What it comes down to is that the points that need to be worked on, can be put on the table and discussed in peace and without emotion. You are going to learn to communicate, because in 85% of the relationships this is the big obstacle to an intimate loving relationship.

It is mainly women who take the first step to consult a relationship therapist. As soon as they start talking about it with their partner, they often encounter resistance. The online relationship therapy is also a very pleasant step towards a better relationship, because you do not have to take your story to the therapist. And if your partner thinks it’s all nonsense, you can also follow the therapy on your own.

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