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A trustworthy supplier of unidirectional carbon fiber

Are you in need of unidirectional carbon fiber for your company in the composites industry? At Eurocarbon, from Sittard the Netherlands, they are specialised in braiding and weaving with carbon fiber, for example to turn it into tapes or a filler. This company was founded in 1982 and has since then developed a wide selection of different products. Many of those products available in their standard programs, delivered of the shelf, directly to your company. Do you need something more specific than unidirectional carbon fiber or filler? Discuss your needs and wishes with these experts, for they can also provide you with custom-made product that perfectly suits your situation.

What is a carbon fiber filler used for?

This expert offers a wide selection of different carbon fiber fillers. These fillers are very practical when it comes to increasing strength or stiffness of an item by filling in cracks, as well as conducting electricity or different temperatures. Which carbon fiber filler best suits your company, may depend on your situation. Talk to the expert employees of this supplier and receive personal advise, specifically applicable to your situation and company.

Many more opportunities in stock

Beside the unidirectional carbon fiber and fillers Eurocarbon has to offer, this is only a small selection from their range. They offer many more products when it comes to composite materials. For example, have a look at the materials you offer for landing gear for aircrafts. When you want to design an aircraft it is very important that you use strong yet lightweight components for its construction. Discuss your ideas and discover the many possibilities this company offers!

Request a quote

Are you interested in the products from the standard program of this company? Or are you in need of a tailored solution to your query? Do not hesitate to contact these experts and request a quote. If you have any questions left about the products or you want to know more about the company, the employees are more than happy to help you!