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6 Ways to Make Your Office Space Super-Efficient

Are you currently working in your ideal office environment?

Is your Glasgow office space helping you keep your productivity wheels spinning and accomplish tasks in record time?

Your answer to these simple but extremely critical questions should be a solid “yes”. Not “maybe”! Not “I guess”. And definitely not “I don’t know”.

You see, companies thrive on the productivity of their employees.

If your employees are not performing optimally, then their office environment is not up to par.

It is a well-known fact that performance is not tied to competence alone. It’s also (now and has been for a long time) dictated by the surrounding environment of the employees.

A well-thought-out office space can create ‘magic’ in the workplace. Carefully and expertly laid out workspaces foster collaborations between employees and teams. It also significantly boosts employee efficiency, which simply means that they can effectively get stuff done.

6 Ways to Make Your Office Space Super-Efficient

So, how do you ensure that you get the best out of your existing or soon to be office space?

Well, there a few important factors that you need to consider first.

When designing your office space, first identify the overall objective of that particular space. Ask yourself: “what is my main business goal? How does my space relate to this goal? What do I need in order to effectively manage this space? What do I need to get there?”

One key objective should always be to reduce your costs by effectively using your floor space. You should also clearly analyse the need to move into a new and bigger office space vis-a-vis redesigning the old one. Again, the bottom line here is to minimise cost while at the same time ensure that your employees are firing on all cylinders.

Therefore, an effective office space should be able to create an environment that supports focus and relaxation in equal measure. Such spaces should also allow employees to communicate with ease as well as be able to contribute whenever their expertise is needed.

Let’s look at a few ways in which you can make your office space super-efficient.

Evaluate Your Organisation’s Needs

Evaluating the needs of your company will guide you in identifying the things that are really necessary to transform your office into a productive space. If your organisation is expanding and needs more floor space, think about how best to utilise the additional space.

Consider introducing other dedicated spaces that would, in turn, get the employees’ creative juices constantly flowing. You also need to look at the daily operations of the company and design spaces around that. Make sure that all spaces feel natural to employees and that they meet their day-to-day needs.

Consider How Employees Move Around

Movement within the workplace is just as important as the office furniture and fittings. How employees move around the office while interacting with their colleagues can also affect their work. When designing the perfect office space, you absolutely need to factor in how things and departments are positioned.

Pairing teams that constantly work together or bringing them closer to each other will save everyone a great deal of time at the end of the day. Those few seconds or minutes can add up to hours saved every year. When employees don’t waste time moving around or searching for the colleague they need to speak to, they work on what really matters – growing your business.

Incorporate the Right Technology

Today, technology plays a big role in the success of any business. Modern office space designs are now, to a large extent, tech-driven. This is because speed and agility have become key drivers of growth for many organisations in Scotland and worldwide. These two factors are mainly powered by the technology designed to assist in the execution of various tasks – either remotely or on-premises. McKellar suppliers of office furniture in Glasgow can advise you on the right furniture solutions if needed. 

One perfect example is cloud computing. Gone are the days when companies solely relied on physical data storage solutions. With cloud computing, companies can now securely and remotely store all their data off-site. This data is also readily available to employees who can access it regardless of their location.

Workplace Zoning

Creating the perfect working condition for your employees is critical. Different people perform well in different settings and environments. Some can comfortably focus and get more done in a busy environment while others need total silence and sometimes isolation in order to concentrate on the task at hand.

When faced with such dynamics, you basically need to find a way to strike a balance between collaborative spaces and a quiet and focused environment. Ditching the old office and cubicle set up and opting for the open plan option might sound like a good idea – and it usually is a good one. But remember, not everyone likes it. That’s why zoning is important. Make sure there are clearly defined spaces that cater for different needs such as creativity, relaxation and collaboration, among others.

Hot-Desking Is the New Black

This concept has gained popularity among millennials who don’t like the idea of being confined to one location every single day. So popular is hot-desking that now most organisations have no choice but to adopt this new style of working by allowing employees to work from anywhere in the office. With no dedicated desks, employees are exposed to different settings – something that has been proven to stimulate creativity.

Companies can utilise this concept to free up space or even save on rent. Creating a work environment that encourages space-sharing with other employees also enhances efficiency and boosts productivity. It also allows employees to learn new skills as a result of being exposed to different people with whom they exchange ideas and from whom they learn new things.

Get an Office Space Management Expert to Help

The process of creating the perfect office space can be an intricate one. It is therefore highly recommended that you seek professional help from an expert in order to get the right solution for your company.

Such experts are also able to recommend the right technology to help you monitor how your space is being used. Their recommendations help you enhance the productivity and the economic efficiency of your office space.


If you are not entirely happy with your current office design or setup, our office occupancy management experts in Glasgow can help you ensure that your office plan matches demand.

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