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6 real tips to start stand up paddle

Stand up paddle, it’s the sliding sport accessible to all! To enjoy it, have fun and create a beautiful silhouette, SUP has become the trendy activity. Moreover, it is a family activity for your summer holidays in Antibes or even at the lake of Serre PonçonIci, you will find the best tips to start paddle.

1. Choosing your paddle board

All the “gliders” say it, a good board is crucial to practice well. It is not easy for a beginner to choose.
The first thing to consider is your weight. Don’t choose a board that is too small for your size. It will be easier to balance on a large board, so you will progress more easily and have fun. A board that is too small will be less stable and will require more effort.

2. Finding a nice spot

For a first outing, he started slowly and without excessive ambition. A lake or a calm sea are the best spots for this. It would be easier to practice in a swimming pool, but in terms of “sensass”, it would not be great. If necessary, you can train your balance.

3.using the paddle

For beginners, the stand up paddles are adjustable, so they can be adapted to your size. Most beginners use the paddle board in the wrong direction. The paddle should be positioned upwards like this / not like that /. Then, to go straight and fight the rowing effect, you paddle alternating left and right. One hand on the top handle (the olive), the other hand on the shaft. The distance between the hands should be about shoulder width apart.

4. The leashstand up paddle

The leash is an indispensable accessory for the practice of SUP. It connects the rider to the board by hanging on the ankle or below the knee. So in case of a fall, the board stays close to the rider. This way, you won’t have to swim for hours in pursuit of your board, which continues to drift.
Any leash paddle will be fine, there is no need to break your head over the quality of the leash.

5. The first steps in starting stand up paddle

At the beginning, the balance is uncertain, don’t panic! Everyone has been through this and there is no danger waiting for you. In the worst case, it’s a fall in the water, nothing hurtful in short. Starting on your knees allows you to get familiar with the sensations of sliding and pitching…Once you’re standing, you have to look far ahead to keep your balance as you did when learning to ride a bike. The distance between your feet is the same as between your shoulders.

6. Relaxing in SUP is important

Never forget that the first thing to do is to relax. We’re here to enjoy ourselves. Leave the pain for the job. Today, we enjoy nature and the great outdoors.

Some people use their paddle session as a meditation session. Listen to the water, clear your head and be zen, and above all, go at YOUR own pace.

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