6 Compelling Reasons Why Your Office Needs Underfloor Heating

You have finally checked into your brand new office! Congratulations! Everyone seems to be excited about it and about starting work there.

The new office interior looks great and your space is well laid out. All that is remaining now is for your employees to get their best foot forward and do what they are paid to do.

But… yes, there’s always a ‘but’ in there somewhere!

Why Your Office Needs Underfloor Heating

The excitement that initially filled your office is fading away by the day. People are not as bubbly as they used to be. You have even noticed that the tea and coffee section has become the most popular spot.

The temperature in the office is definitely not ideal.

Even with the new bright colours your interior designer said will “warm” up the office and the wide glass windows that let in natural light, there seems not to be enough warmth to go around.

Here’s the thing. Cold temperature can adversely affect how we work and the quality of our work. The last thing you need in the office is to have your employees constantly thinking about how cold it is and how they can’t wait to go home and snuggle under their favourite blanket.

Not considering the condition at which employees need in order to work efficiently is a common mistake many companies make. Office furniture and all the other bells and whistles are important, but if the temperature is not ideal, nothing else matters.

The right room temperature should be part of the overall office design. Speak to your designer to let them know what temperature your employees prefer. Ideally, ask them beforehand – we all know this can be a divisive discussion.

With the right commercial underfloor heating Glasgow, your employees can focus on more important things. If they don’t have to complain about cold feet, they will have plenty of time to tackle their tasks.

A cold working environment can cause a lot of harm if not addressed in due time. It might not seem like a big issue, but its consequences can be dire and can affect your company’s overall performance.

When employees are constantly cold, their mental alertness is significantly affected. Cold office environments can also lead to lower work efficiency and even higher accident rates.

Cold-related diseases also become a common occurrence in the workplace. This also translates to a rise in employees taking frequent days off to go visit the doctor. As a result, you will have to face an accumulation of lost man hours for the company.

In a nutshell, a good office design is not complete without underfloor heating as an effective and efficient way of warming up offices, especially in places with colder weather like Glasgow.

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Let’s take a look at all the benefits you can reap from installing the right commercial underfloor heating system:

Enhanced Productivity

The persistent cold temperature in the workplace affects employee’s ability to work. And if left unchecked, it can grossly affect productivity levels in the long run. Professionally designed office spaces complete with underfloor heating ensure that the office is always heated to the right temperature.

This helps create a comfortable environment where the employees are relaxed and focused at all times. Exposure to such a conducive working environment contributes significantly to boosting employees’ productivity and stimulates creativity.

Keeping the Winter Chills at Bay

Extreme weather conditions in the winter season can really dampen things around the office. During this season, employees stuck in the office behind a desk all day are the most affected. Their inactivity means that the body is not generating enough heat to keep them warm, something that can cause stress.

Underfloor heating is crucial during the cold months since it ensures that the winter chills are kept out of the workplace. Better yet, with the proper heating system, employees don’t have to come to work overdressed. As we all know, multiple layers of clothes can cause discomfort and even slow us down when working.

Improved Air Quality

Just as the right room temperature is important in any office environment, air quality also plays a crucial role especially in an office with many employees. And since windows are mostly kept closed during the cold season, such spaces need a good circulation of clean air.

Underfloor heating is good for air circulation. This is because the warmth emanates from the ground up and does not displace dust in the process. This also means that everyone in the office will be able to breathe easy and will not be distracted by random smells or dust while working.

Improved Employee Wellbeing

Employees’ health and wellbeing are extremely important. No company can function efficiently with employees that constantly call in sick every other day. A well-heated office can help eliminate or significantly reduce health risks associated with cold climate.

Since there is no forced warm air to heat the room, underfloor heating helps keep the office dust- and allergen-free and is therefore friendly to people with asthma.

Lower Energy Bills

Keeping your office warm in winter days can be quite expensive especially if you are using other systems such as radiators. This outdated and energy inefficient system needs upwards of 60 degrees Celsius to effectively warm up space.

On the other hand, underfloor heating only needs to reach about 29 degrees Celsius (or less depending on the type of floor). Thus, you can save a lot on your energy bill without affecting your staff’s comfort level.

Eliminate Cold Spots

Unlike traditional heat radiators that need to be cranked all the way up in order to provide enough heat everywhere, underfloor heating is able to evenly heat a room with minimum effort. This eliminates cold spots and provides uniform heat across the room making the space comfortable.

Not sure which commercial underfloor heating system is right for your Glasgow office? We can help you make the right choice in terms of both efficiency and costs. Let’s talk!