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4 ways to create the perfect bracelet

It’s a rainy day and you feel like doing something fun, but you’d rather not go outside in this weather. In this case, it’s the perfect day to make a bracelet. A fun activity to do alone or with friends. Did you know that creating a nice bracelet is not that difficult at all? With the right tools, materials and a little inspiration, you can create the perfect bracelet. Here are four ways to create the perfect bracelet.

Choose the right thread

It is important to first decide which thread you are going to use for your bracelet. Do you want a bracelet with beads that you can slip on your wrist? Then it is wise to go for an elastic thread. You can also choose steel wire. Keep in mind that this does not stretch and therefore a lock is necessary to be able to wear this bracelet on your arm. Besides elastic or steel wire, you can also choose a leather cord. This gives your bracelet a tough edge.

Beads, beads, beads

Beads are perfect to make a beautiful bracelet. Especially because there are so many different kinds of beads, there is always a bead that suits you. Have you chosen a leather cord? Then you can choose to use larger beads. This fits well with the tougher look. But letter beads are also a nice option to include your or your girlfriend’s name in your bracelet. Of course, you can also choose wooden beads, glass beads, seed beads, Miyuki Delicas, glass beads, coconut beads, ceramic beads, shell beads or freshwater pearls. Choose the bead that suits your style best!

Choose charms

Charms are a fun addition to your bracelet. A charm is a small pendant you can attach to your bracelet. Charms can be gold, bronze or silver and come in many different shapes. Besides metal charms, there are also shell charms, buttons, pointed stones, tassels and feathers to hang on your bracelet. A charm is a really nice addition to your homemade bracelet. But beware: too many charms can create a chaotic effect. So less is more.

Finish your bracelet

Have you threaded your chosen beads and charms onto your bracelet? Then it’s time to finish your bracelet. If you have chosen an elastic thread, you can tie a knot in it and cut it off neatly. With a leather, suede or metal thread, you can use lace clamps, rings and clasps to finish off your bracelet.


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